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Mary Quant, Gor-Ray, Marks & Spencer, Burberry, Aquascutum: these are just some of the companies and designers who used the West of England cloth produced in Trowbridge, when the weaving industry was still viable

New Threads: Uncovering the Stories of England’s Past Weaving Industry

For centuries, cloth production was the main industry in and around Trowbridge. Many local people can still trace ancestors connected to the weaving trade.


Michael Williams is a modest man, and an exceptionally fine craftsman.

Modesty and a Fine Great Wheel

Michael Williams is a modest man, and an exceptionally fine craftsman. I interviewed him three years ago for an article about his super-light and über-fast drop spindles and, as I was leaving, I asked him whether he had ever thought about making a spinning wheel.


This article is about the distinguishing features of a Jacquard loom.

What is Jacquard Weaving?

Before I write about Jacquard looms I want to define a loom as a tensioning device.


My inspiration - a Giant Atlas Moth

Designing with Colour for Spinning

My inspiration - a Giant Atlas Moth




An artists’ colour wheel showing the three primary colours (red, blue, yellow) and the three secondary colours (purple, green, orange)

The Theory of Colour Perception

Colour perception depends not only on how light enters our eyes and triggers nerve impulses within the retina, but also on how our brains interpret these signals.


Private exhibition of my first year's work

A Year’s Weaving – Learning to Weave on Home-Made Looms

This is the story of my first year of weaving, mainly on home-made looms. I celebrated it with an exhibition of my work for friends, neighbours and members of the Guild.



Three historic purples

Tyrian Treasure: A Surprise from the Archive

A small envelope of purple threads fell from the hinges of an upturned rusty trunk: I stared with some incredulity at handwriting in red ink claiming the envelope’s contents to be ‘Tyrian Purple, dyed with the bodies of shellfish found on the African coast'.


Spinning in the grease

Wool Fleece. To Wash or Not to Wash? That is the Question.

Whenever I am asked whether it is best to wash sheep’s fleece before spinning, or spin raw fleece ‘in the grease’, I always have the same answer.


Yaks being milked

Teaching in Tibet

I left on 18 July, flew into Chengdu in China for an overnight stay, then flew on up to Labrang (in Amdo, an area of Tibet just on the eastern edge of the Tibetan plateau)


River Narayana

Everything Worthwhile Starts in the Mind

Michael Crompton describes his design process from travel inspiration to woven tapestry.


Garden in May

The Dye Plant Garden

Gardening gloves ready? With a wealth of practical information, The Dye Plant Garden is the ideal place to start planning new adventures with natural dyes.



Flax, from Seed to Linen Yarn

I have grown a small amount of fibre flax (Linum usitatissimum) in my garden in Wales every summer for 25 years.



All that glisters - collapse effects with metallic yarns and wires

As weavers, we tend to think of metallics simply as yarns we can use to add a bit of sparkle. But it's not quite that simple.


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