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Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

The idea of a virtual tour is courtesy of the Cambridge Guild.

As a large guild they’ve been dividing their online meetings to focus on different aspects of our core skills, with zoom meetings planned for many weekends this summer.

In place of a summer trip they’ve also created a virtual travel itinerary, taking their members to See Red in Norwich.

You can either do this meeting independently, and use it as a discussion point at a later online meeting, or using the magic of screen sharing it’s perfectly possible to do this in small sections throughout an online meeting. This gives members a group experience, and allows you to have a chat about the video clip you’ve just seen whilst it’s fresh in your mind. Or you can give members these links in stages, go away and watch them, and then come back to your meeting at scheduled intervals.

As we cant go on our usual summer trips this year, weve devised a virtualsummer trip instead! Use the links in this document to take you on a tour around our intended visit destination: the city of Norwich, rich in textile history. Take the tour at your leisure; dip in and out as you wish. And bear with us: this is our first attempt at such an epic! Enjoy!


Starting point: Norwich Castle

Video – around 4 minutes: introduction to the Castle, narrated by Jon Hurt. Click here to watch:


Who were The Strangers?

Video – around 7 minutes: from the Norfolk Record Office, exploring the arrival of weavers from the Low Countries. Click here to watch:


Madder in Tudor Norwich

Recording - 47 minutes - of the Channel 4 programme with Aviva Leigh and Professor Alice Roberts, exploring Tudor Norwich and dyeing with Madder. Click here to watch – you may need to register first to watch:


A virtual walk through Strangers Hall
Explore the inside of Strangers Hall and its fascinating history with Norwich 360 Panoramas. Click here to start, then follow the instructions below:


How to navigate once on the website: follow the link indicated with the arrow, clicking where it says CLICK HERE. This gives you the ability to movearound the space by clicking on areas of the image e.g. the staircase.

As you return to your starting point within the room, you will see ahead of you a VERY SMALL white pulsating dot with circles around it. Click on this to moveto the next room, go up the stairs, and so on.

Other panoramas to visit at include Dragons Hall:


To Finish:

Visit the National Trust Textile Conservation Studio
in Norfolk in these two videos. Part 1 ( length: 7 minutes)

and Part 2 (length: 11 minutes)

We’d love to share some more Virtual Summer Trips, almost every part of the UK has a fascinating textile history, so why not collect some videos and websites and share them with your member, and be sure to pass them on to us at The Journal so we can share them with other guilds email with your itinerary!

by Jo Finlow

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