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Further Tributes to Peter Teal

Further Tributes to Peter Teal

From Ann, his Stepdaughter :

Peter was an amazing letter writer and when I reflect on his influence in my life, I realise how much I valued his opinion. I always felt he was genuinely interested in whatever we were doing and always encouraging in his letters.

He lived his life to the full…..he was a soldier in the war and was a crack shot with a gun, a journalist, a photographer, a teacher, maker of spinning wheels, wood turner, businessman, negotiator…..son, brother, husband, father, grandfather… the list goes on and on. To those who knew him well he was an extraordinary man who has made all our lives richer for having known him. Most important of all was that he loved and was loved in return.

From Barbara Wright, Tweed Guild :

In April 2007, just before the Falmouth Summer School, my husband and I were able to meet Jaquie and Peter for the first time, prior to Jaquie's Woolcombing course at the Summer School. I was already equipped with new wool combs, made by my engineer husband to the designs in Peter’s book. It was an instant success. Jaquie and I had plenty of textile interests to share but the two men with their engineering backgrounds could have talked forever. We visit Taunton most years for a weekend in the spring and each year the conversations would pick up where we left off, sometimes I would bring some spinning I had done, and some fleece for them from the alpacas we had for several years. Peter would show us round the collection of spinning wheels, at least a dozen, and often more than the year before. He gradually became frailer but there was still a sparkle in his eyes.

From Amanda Hannaford, Somerset, Peter Tavy and Online Guilds, Liskeard Spinners:

I first met Peter and Jaquie in the early 1990’s when they came to give a talk and demonstration at Cornwall Guild. The topic was the history of woolcombing, and the afternoon was rounded off by Jaquie demonstrating Peter’s new invention of a scaled-down copy of traditional English woolcombs.

There is also an ingenious little trick for using weights on a scotch tension band instead of a spring or elastic band. This small piece of knowledge has saved the day in many a workshop I have run, when presented with a student’s wheel where the elastic has broken or the spring has disappeared in transit. My emergency spinning kit always includes a selection of nuts and washers and a bent paperclip!

I’m also very fortunate to have been a member with Jaquie at Somerset Guild for many years, and been present when Peter has come along to demonstrate his latest invention. I have had a go on both his pendulum and trolley wheels.

When Peter wasn’t able to get to meetings anymore, we visited occasionally on the way home, and always had wonderful conversations, Peter and myself on spinning topics and Derek about photography while he was enjoying Peter’s collection of old cameras and stereoscopic slides

Written by Sabine Pianka, a friend from Hannover,Germany:

When I decided to expand my skills and therefore need some wool combs I wanted the best and living in Germany, the nearest solution seemed to be Peter Teal in England. Unfortunately I was too late, because he already had retired from work a while ago. But he presented me with a kit to make it myself! He encouraged me to give it a try (and I found a carpenter, who did it for me...) asked how it worked and had a humour which urged me to polish all of my forgotten English to have a good conversation with him. He was the most interesting man I ever had the honour to meet (husband excluded!) It was the beginning of wonderful years of writing emails and letters.

by Jenni Stewart

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